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About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny—

AKA rock climber’s mom, data geek’s wife, she pretends to “workout”, P!nk fan, and moves too many times (13!).

I am currently nearing the end of UMass Boston’s Instructional Design and Technology MEd, after taking some time away to raise my three children.

My former professional life consisted of 8 whirlwind years in the field of physical education. In that time, I developed a passion for digging deep to reach learners. I quickly found that a student who hates basketball might still show up for you if they can lead the class in an aerobics routine set to the NSYNC holiday album. It is amazing what a little creativity and tenacity can do. 

While I have put away my dodgeball (for now), I have continued to hold true to the things that drive me. Whether it be designing a strategy to help my neurodiverse child understand fractions or comparing the aquisistion of learning design skills to the zombie apocalypse, I work hard to be both distinctive and effective. In our suddenly information-heavy world, imparting the how of learning might be (dare I say) even more important that the what

My newfound passion is the intersection of learning, design, data, and technology. I thoroughly enjoy crafting evidence-based, cognitive-friendly, visually appealing, intuitive, and engaging learning experience. It doesn’t hurt that I have a blast doing it. 

If you think learning is as fun as I do, check out My Portfolio and Sticky Clicky Learning Blog.