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Mindset Reboot

I collaborated to generate a virtual instructor-led course featuring strategies and tools that drive personal growth and transformation.

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Learner-Centric Instructional Design

An online fitness and nutrition trainer came to us in search of a personal effectiveness course. Ultimately, his customers were unable to challenge the fixed mindsets thwarting their fitness and nutrition efforts. 

Mobile-first microlearning lessons

To answer this need, we converted his existing blog posts and newsletters into 5 weeks of bite-size microlearning lessons. To ensure learners also engaged with the microlerning concepts, we challenged them to apply the strategy to a self-select a course goal and relay their progress to the instructor each week. 

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Synchronous Sharing Sessions

Another key to personal improvement is reflection. To this end, we included synchronous sharing sessions in our course design. These sessions used thoughtful questions to drive learners to explore current behaviors and examine existing mindsets.  

User Interface and Development Fun

We utilized EdApp’s built-in authoring tool to create interactive text, games, surveys, quizzes, and discussions. To supplement the authored content, we embedded custom images, curated video, custom animated videos, and custom introductory talking head videos. We also produced customer onboarding support materials, virtual instructor-led course materials, and a post-course evaluation tool.

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EdApp, Canva, Vyond, Camtasia, Audacity, HTML/CSS, Google Docs, Google Forms, Zoom